Learning to Survive Without Your Paycheck

Although we all hope it never happens to us, unfortunately, getting fired or layed off can happen to just about anybody these days. The corporate and industrial structure is changing, and even in a good economy companies are relying more and more on technology and far less on manpower. Downsizing and outsourcing have caused many a loyal, hard worker to have to face the dreaded pink slip. The question is, what is one to do if and when this happens? How are you going to pay your bills? How are you going to survive?
For those without a family or spouse to fall fack on for support, this can be a critical problem so suddenly be faced with. It can mean the end of all security and life as you know it. Any funds that you've managed to build up over time can now quickly be depleted, if not used wisely. It can mean the end of all security and life as you know it. It can mean the roof being taken from right over your head.
A quick descent into poverty has been the tragic outcome for many an unlucky hard worker. You know that expression "living from paycheck to paycheck"? Well, for the millions of people out there who do, this possibility is a distinct reality.
So, how do you keep yourself from ending up as one of the poor, suddenly devoid of income masses?
There are a few things that you can do to make sure you thrive and keep your lifestyle intact, even after the loss of your paycheck. Here are a couple you should absolutely already be doing to keep a safety net firmly under you in case of anything:

--Always be prepared for the worst.
Even in good financial times for you and your family, remember that situations can change. While the getting is good and cash flow is abundant, make sure you're putting some away instead of just spending it all impulsively and frivolously. Find safe investments like CDs, interest earning money market accounts, high interest savings accounts and always park a percentage of your earnings there, resolving not to touch it. Look at this extra cash as money that's strictly for the future, and not to be touched under any circumstance. Only in the most extreme of emergencies, say, you get laid off, suddenly fall ill, or for whatever reason can't work for a length of time, should you even consider tapping this money stash. Also, make sure to contribute to it regularly to make it grow.
The more emergency money you have put aside, the more security you and your family will have, not to mention a whole lot less stress.

--Do not just depend on your primary job for income!!
This is a mistake we all make. We've mostly been taught to get a good job, and just hold onto it, and that if we're good and loyal workers and employees, that job should carry and sustain us until we're ready to retire. NOT TRUE. Companies go out of business and downsize their work forces every day, and you never know when your company is going to be one of those. Even government and city jobs don't hold the security they once did. Do not just depend on your job!
We all have other skills, talents, and abilities that have little or nothing to do with what we do for a living. Learn to use your other talents to keep a side stream of income constantly going. In fact, you can use this side money to put into your emergency fund, or either turn it back into your side business to make it grow. Don't underestimate the potential of making money from even the simplest things. If you know how to cook, clean, do hair/nails/massage, fix things, design, draw, make stuff, write, or even just give good advice on certain subjects, you have the potential to start a side business. Think about it, plan how you want to go about doing it, and get it up and running. Treat it with the same degree of importance that you do your primary job. If you tend it well, and work to grow and expand it, it COULD become your primary job. Now, wouldn't that be cool?
So, don't panic about losing that paycheck. If you've prepared yourself well enough ahead of time using the methods mentioned, it won't be as catastrophic an event in your life as it could be!