The Customer Is Always Right - Are They Really?

Is the customer always right? Usually, the answer is yes. However, there are three important exceptions to this rule. Some customers are not worth pursuing, and are best sent to your competition:

1. Customers who want something illegal, unethical, or immoral

These customers might seem appealing to a business owner going through tough times. However, the problems they can cause far outweigh any temporary benefits which they might provide. Certainly, you might be able to help such customers a few times, but once other people find out that your company breaks the rules, you will acquire a reputation which is difficult to overcome, not to mention any penalties which may be imposed against you and your business. It is much better to never have to deal with such problems in the first place. Just pass on customers who want you to go against your better judgment.

2. Customers who make life miserable

Some customers have difficulty engaging in transactions which are honest, fair exchanges of goods and services for monetary remuneration. Instead, these people may be abusive to you, your... Read more...