Your New Business - What Should It Be?

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Oh, the joy of being self-employed! The yearning to be self-employed and in control of one's own life comes from deep within. Yet, what type of business can one start that will be truly successful on every level - a business that does more than make money and give you and your family a life of luxury, but a business that fulfills the need to create, the need to express, the need to use one's mind in a way that will make life better for others? Because this new business has not yet been created, it usually has not been clearly defined.

We've all heard the phrase 'follow your passion and the money will come' or' build it and they will come' and we've all watched many of our friends follow this philosophy and not ending up successful. While we advocate following one's passion, one's strengths and likes, we also strongly believe that a little bit of planning and common sense can go a long way in fulfilling one's dreams. Read More...